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The Disruption of Authenticity (DivaGirl Conference)

  • Spoke Club Toronto 600 King Street West Toronto, Ontario Canada (map)

The Disruption of Authenticity (DivaGirl Conference)

(1:50-2:15, Seminar Room, Gallery, 4th Floor) Everyone's talking about the importance of being your authentic self. Have you tried it? How do people, even those who recommended it, respond when you're actually being your "authentic self"?

Have You Tried Being Authentic?

Fact: change is disruptive even when it's positive. If you've tried to quit smoking, to eat healthier or to start leaving work on time, you know that it takes a lot of energy. When you start "being you", you introduce a change in the world for those people. A change that they didn't choose and, therefore, weren't prepared for. Even if they just said, "you have to be true to yourself", the unspoken fine print is "as long as it doesn't affect me".

So What, Then!

Come find out! You see, while you can never make everyone happy, you can decide how you will respond. At this year's DivaGirl Conference, I'll share insights on how to:

  • Be Authentic AND Comfortable knowing not everyone will like it. 
  • Bring those around you along for the ride. Show them it's a Good Thing. 
  • Release hurt, resentment, 'control', when they Can't Embrace the Authentic You. 

What am I talking about? My blog on this is just the tip of the iceberg. Come out. Learn more. Connect with women you can usually only meet at the DivaGirl Conference!

Speaker Bio, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA

MBA, president and founder (2009) of Successiory and the E.A.S.Y. social media strategy, Crystal-Marie's career that began in 2001, spanning marketing communications roles in both private and public sector, from environmental engineering consulting and small business to government and universities. In 2014, she facilitated her signature workshops. 

In 2015, Crystal-Marie continued her workshops and was nominated for the CAMP Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became an bestseller with her Chapter in “DYNAMO Diaries - Volume 1: Success Secrets of 21 Shining Stars”

In 2015, Iler Campbell invited Ms. Sealy to speak on a panel at the Tools Conference 2015 and Bank of Montreal (BMO) paid her for internal training. Crystal-Marie also delivered her signature talks on social media strategy at GroYourBiz Advisory Boards in Aurora, Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton, as well as at the Toronto Public Libraries at Agincourt, North York Central, Maria A. Shchuka, Eatonville and Bloor/Gladstone

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