DYNAMO Speaker Talent Search, June 2015

  • Tamil Entertainment Television Studios 1160 Tapscott Rd,. Unit 2 & 3 Toronto, ON Canada

Hosted by James Erdt & 2014 Champion, Marcos Mendosa

GET YOUR TICKETS for ONLY $7 (advance online & $10 at the door): http://DYNAMOspeaker.com

The evening component of the 2nd annual ielev8u DYNAMO Entrepreneur Expo Toronto. We’re searching for a well-deserving speaker selected by our audience attendees to WIN an absolutely awesome prize package consisting of:

  1. The coveted title of DYNAMO Amateur Speaker Talent Search CHAMPION 2015 for you to use on their professional resume
  2. Complete marketing/branding/web/print package with DYNAMO Creatives worth a $10,000 value
  3. Professional photo shoot package with 3 looks worth $500
  4. Feri Luxury Products Prize ($300 1st place / $100 2nd place / $100 3rd place) Gift certificates for all 20 competitors from Feri
  5. A DYNAMO Entrepreneur video interview worth $500 for the new DYNAMO YouTube channel launching in early 2015
  6. Representation by the new DYNAMO Agency (launching very soon)
  7. A PAID SPOT on the world-class speaker roster with 6 other BIG NAMES for the Inspiring Excellence Symposium at the ielev8u DYNAMO Entrepreneur Expo in the Spring of 2016.

This will raise the CHAMPION’S personal brand awareness as a speaker by association with the other speakers on the same pinnacle DYNAMO stage BIG TIME and shave years off their growth curve in a new and exciting speaking career with the DYNAMO Agency!

The two runners-up will also get great prizes, lots of publicity and a spot in the DYNAMO Agency.

There will be 20 speakers competing for 3 spots in the DYNAMO Agency and the grand prize mentioned above. (2 spots left due so inquire if you are wanting one of them!!!)

The judges will actually be the audience of 200-300 people that have to vote for 3 of their favourites so even if they came to support someone they have to pick two more speakers making it as fair as possible. Any ballot with less than 3 votes on it gets discarded. Ballots will be tallied at the end and the WINNER plus the 2 runners up will be announced on that night! There will also be honourable mentions for 4th and 5th place.

Event will be on June 20, 7-11pm in Toronto, Canada (Exact location to be announced soon). It is part of the 2nd annual ielev8u DYNAMO Entrepreneur Expo Toronto.

18 speakers have already entered:
- Jordan Ovejas
- Fahad Buchh
- Michael Ryan
- Crystal-Marie Sealy
- Victoria Chapman
- Joe Arko
- Ashley-Ann Pereira
- Raja Abdel-Majid
- Tyler Nicholson
- T Lisa Graham
- Dana Janzen
- Joanna Strzemecki
- Kirillos Shahata
- PapaYaw Nyarko
- Steve Kerr
- Melika Esson
- Ven Virah
- Sara Sunshine
- YOU?
- YOU?

Are YOU next? 2 spots left to speak. Message info@DYNAMOentrepreneur.com to sign up now for one of the remaining spots.



  • Date: Saturday, June 20
  • Location: Tamil Entertainment Television Studios, 1160 Tapscott Rd,. Unit 2 & 3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Time: 7pm - 10pm
  • ORDER YOUR TICKETS FOR ONLY $7 AT: http://DYNAMOspeaker.com

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