Re-framing Authenticity for your professional audience

Good-bye rat race. Hello Blue Ocean. Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better. Entrepreneurship isn't 24/7 for everyone. It Can truly energize you, and your clients. Often, leadership and high-end entrepreneurial audiences are silent about how unsustainable the 24/7 business model is because - it is considered "weak" or "lazy" by many. As a keynote speaker, my invitation to be honest leaves your audience ready to unapologetically own their desire for a more sustainable pace, more mindful business models, that allow for greater impact.



Live, on-site
Keynote - $7,500
Breakout, Workshop - $5,000
Small event - $5,000

Virtual, online
Keynote - $5,000
Breakout, Workshop - $2,500
Small event - $2,500.

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Meet Keynote Speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA


Speaker Snapshot

Keynote speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, strategy consultant, author, president and founder of Successiory, really invites (not directs) premium service entrepreneurs, often introverts and women, to create unique business models that truly energize them. Clear that being true to oneself is the only way to create a sustainable business model, her talks, workshops and services focus on authenticity, then simplifies business by focusing on pricing, process, feasible schedules and client social media. Since 2004, she has delivered 30+ talks…


Client Testimonials

I've listened to the webinar twice since…

I participated in Crystal-Marie's webinar titled 'Pricing for Your Lifestyle', which was offered through Company of Women. I've listened to the webinar twice since then because I was very interested in what she had to say and to make sure it was sinking in. I have been in business 15 years, but I am still not as confident about pricing as I want to be. Crystal-Marie has helped me realize that I am offering a quality service which I should be paid for because it has value. I needed the moral boost that Crystal-Marie gave me."
(April 23, 2017)

— Marlene Sanders,

Crystal-Marie's workshops followed by a group session and a private session have given me what I need to be confident and competent in strategizing and managing MaestroQ's social media presence.

“…Crystal-Marie helped me to navigate through the social media channels, simplify my process, and learn the social media nuances. Crystal-Marie customized our group session based on collective needs and customized my private session based on my particular challenges. Working with Crystal-Marie was easy and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the convenience and effectiveness of online meetings."
(May 21, 2015)

— Patricia Muir, Speaker, founder,

a very dynamic and energetic speaker. She is a pleasure to listen to...

Crystal is a very dynamic and energetic speaker. She is a pleasure to listen to, and has a very warm and interesting speaking style that makes it easy to listen to  and learn from her. She is a very upbeat, creative, and friendly person, and makes an incredible speaker. She even adds humour to her talks as well, to keep them light, interesting, and enjoyable to listen to – and also helps hold the crowd. Very impressive in front of an audience!" 
(October 29, 2014)

— James Elliott, Speaker,


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