At Successiory, the goal is to create enough 'space' in your business for you, your clients and your goals so that you're no longer in the rat race. As an established entrepreneur, you're already committed to your success. Successiory now empowers you to streamline operations and return to your true goals by examining Pricing, Project Schedules (including Me Time), Client Engagement and Social Media. Your Brand = Your Personality. Let's keep it Alive.

About Successiory

In existence unofficially since January 2009, Successiory has evolved from a business strategy consulting firm to communications, then social media and back to business strategy consulting in February 2011, when hired for an Ontario Government project. Services today are streamlined to focus on creating 'space' for You.

Operated by solo entrepreneur Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA (more on me here), Successiory was founded to empower you to earn more, work less and serve better clients, better. Early Successiory mentors helped solidify the difference between a corporate salary and our business pricing. Just one reason the E.A.S.Y. strategy process has evolved to focus on pricing, schedule, process and social media for a business that better serves you and your clients as it grows. It affects your health, lifestyle and relationships too. Still curious?

Read on. Below, more on Purpose & Vision. See "Clients" and "Crystal-Marie" for more.


At Successiory 'less is more' and 'self care overflows to client care'. To Live Your Dream and Leave Your Legacy, you have to Live. Business consulting, speaking, social media services are about right client fit on your schedule rooted in Your 80/20

  • Clients: aligned, value and invest in You. Not everyone.
  • Services & Pricing: practical, streamlined operations.
  • Schedule: healthy, sustainable work hours for You.

Entrepreneurs, your unique advantage: personality = brand. On social media and in business, you get to be personable. Use that. Start where you are, be who you are. Thrive that way.


E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Established Entrepreneurs. Effective. Actionable. Simple. Yours. The Vision: a global community of entrepreneurial ventures that embody these elements for owners. Fostering joy and creativity while serving clients.

  • Show you that you're needed, valued, through a community of clients, prospects and champions.
  • Empower you to serve clients primarily from the overflow of self-care - schedule, health, lifestyle.
  • Express "the real you" in business and on social media. Clients are people. People buy from people. Don't you?

Live Your Dream. Leave Your Legacy.