Defy Obscurity so Clients Find You (Public Talk)

E.A.S.Y. Social Media. Defy Obscurity so Clients Find You

Obscurity. The main problem small businesses face today is that those who need, value and would invest in them, don't know they exist. Many are frustrated, jaded or overwhelmed by the lack of ROI. The distraction and loss of time posed by a lack of strategic approach to social media further exasperated the social media experiences. 

Social media is a minefield to many. Established entrepreneurs, professionals, who know their businesses and clients well, now face the minefield of learning how social media really fits their business goals. New entrepreneurs may believe it's merely an extension of their existing personal social media engagement, but is it?

The E.A.S.Y. Strategy focuses on organic growth strategy that is Effective, Actionable, Simple and Yours. In this talk, I'll look at what it takes to: 

  • Set Feasible Goals/KPI: Simple goals on social media to help re-frame how it can actually help.
  • Establish Sustainable, Client-Centric Community: Actionable tips for getting existing clients to connect with (& refer) you.
  • Streamline Content for Time and Quality: Tips for sourcing and posting consistently on social media, in less Time.

I hope you walk away with a sense of freedom; 'permission' to honour your time and goals while supporting your clients on social media. Get clear on how you can manage expectations when you're not online 24/7, and why 50 client followers is better than 5,000 1-time visitors. 


About Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA. Speaker's Bio

Crystal-Marie SealyMBA, president and founder of Successiory (2009) and the E.A.S.Y. Strategy - Effective, Actionable, Simple and Yours (2014),  Crystal-Marie's career that began in 2001, spanning marketing communications roles in both private and public sector, from environmental engineering consulting and small business to government and universities.

In 2014, she began facilitating her own signature workshops and by 2015, Crystal-Marie had spoken at 15+ events. She was nominated for the CAMP Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became an bestseller with her Chapter in “DYNAMO Diaries - Volume 1”. Iler Campbell invited Ms. Sealy to speak on a panel at the Tools Conference 2015 and she'd also delivered internal training to the Bank of Montreal (BMO).

Crystal-Marie also delivered her signature talks at several GroYourBiz Advisory Boards and Toronto Public Libraries, the DivaGirl Toronto Conference (2016) and moreCrystal-Marie continues to accept paid speaking invitations. 

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