Mindful Strategy for the business You envision 

An intrinsic review of your pricing, process, schedule. What is mindful entrepreneurship to you? As a professional, you’ve learned to craft compelling stories, say the ‘right’ thing to the ‘right’ audience and meet impossible deadlines, working 24/7. A look within will tell you very quickly whether or not that truly works for your health, enjoyable wealth and peace of mind. Not to mention your ability to sustain that pace in the long-term with clients who’ve grown to expect that. Want quality of life as your serve clients? Start here. Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better.

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Strategy Consulting
$500/50-min session
$500/month retainer
$1,000/month retainer
$2,000/month retainer
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Your E.A.S.Y. Affluence Business Model™ by Successiory

Mindfully making your business E.A.S.Y. Effective. Actionable. Simple. Yours.


Pricing strategy. How do you price your services - time, expertise, unique value, client budgets? Pricing is more than just cost of service delivery. Whatever your strategy, if you're losing money, it's not working. You can turn it around.

  • Cost of Living

  • Cost of Business

  • Value to Clients - time, space, revenue


Client process. Do your preliminary consultations determine client needs and compatibility? What happens after? Let's clarify your role and your clients'. Clear the clutter while keeping quality. Keep what truly serves you and your clients.

  • Your Process - no scope creep

  • Template

  • Streamline


A feasible schedule. Let’s rethink project management. Pareto's 80/20 principle helps us clear the clutter to streamline business without sacrificing quality. What inspires creativity, instead of burn out, for You and your clients?

  • Your Business Hours

  • Client Projects - in the business

  • Business Planning - on the business

These come together to give you a clear, confident path toward the business you want intrinsically. Social media is the external piece.


Mindful strategy. Monthly retainer of 5-week turnaround?

The retainers below are at least three (3) months, and allow you to mindfully go at your own pace, as you make decisions that make significant changes to your business. The Successiory Entrepreneur Mastermind works for those just starting up who could use some community as well — also three (3) months, it’s a good segue into consulting, as needed.  Alternatively, if you’re getting started with some urgency, facing very real challenges — health, financial, well-being — that demand changes soon, in just 5 weeks, we can get you set with a new strategy or business model. This is an intensive guided reflection that takes you through the same process with laser focus.

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Basic ($500/month)

  • Pricing, process and/or schedule.

  • 1 virtual 50-min session.

  • Up to 5 advisory e-mails.

Standard ($1,000/month)

  • Pricing, process and/or schedule.

  • 2 virtual 50-min sessions.

  • Up to 9 advisory e-mails.

Enterprise ($2,000/month)

  • 2 partners. Pricing, process, schedule.

  • 2 virtual 50-min sessions.

  • 10+ advisory e-mails.


Successiory Entrepreneur Mastermind

Bookings for groups of 3-5 only ($2,500/month)

Facilitated virtually over three (3) months, this mastermind is ideal for entrepreneur groups such as associations, inner circles, strategic team on-boarding, where some level of trust already exists. A lot of sensitive, proprietary and personal discussions may arise. Click below to learn more, but let’s chat before you book — see if it’s the right fit.


5-week Intensive E.A.S.Y. Strategy

for Individuals ($2,500) and Organizations ($5,000)

Week 1. Guided reflection questions — clarify your energy and time requirements.
Week 2. Establish service pricing, process, schedule — refine findings for an E.A.S.Y., sustainable business.
Week 3-5. Strategy or business model trial — implement to ensure you can and will adhere to your new model.
Week 4. Accountability check-ins — how is it going? Maintaining morale.
Week 5. Debrief session — be honest about what works, what needs to change.


Let’s be sure we honour what You need and want.


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Client Testimonials

Successiory… unique in its approach

“If you require an efficient and effective company, unique in its approach and particular in its strategic process to attain ONLY positive results and feedback.....You need to give Crystal a call & hire Successiory to help make a change in your organization!”

— Elisa A. Clarke, marketing director and co-founder, Gasp Events Ltd.

…instrumental in getting me to understand my numbers

“She was also highly instrumental in getting me to understand my numbers, raise my package prices and determine my worth. Most of all, she is very supportive and encouraging, really listening…”

— Janette Burke, executive producer, TV show host, media marketing consultant, trainer, author, speaker