Keynote Speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA

Business on Your terms. As your keynote speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, takes your audience on a practical and inspiring journey back to the authentic self. From pricing and process, to people and schedules around Pareto's 80/20 principle, we lovingly leave behind what doesn't work to focus on what does. Business that attracts clients who value and invest in You. Let's go!


Meet Keynote Speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy

Good-bye rat race. Hello Blue Ocean. Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better. Entrepreneurship isn't 24/7 for everyone. It Can truly energize you, and your clients. Often, leadership and high-end entrepreneurial audiences are silent about how unsustainable the 24/7 business model is because - it is considered "weak" or "lazy" by many. As a keynote speaker, my invitation to be honest leaves your audience ready to unapologetically own their desire for a more sustainable pace, more mindful business models, that allow for greater impact.

Keynote speaker, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, strategy consultant, author, president and founder of Successiory, began a very diverse career in 2001. In consulting, marketing communications and strategy roles, her employers and clients spanned private and public sector, environmental engineering consulting and entrepreneurial strategy, to provincial government and universities. Today, she empowers clients to create, "Your E.A.S.Y. Affluence Business Model™ by Successiory", a signature strategy consulting service focused on pricing, process, people (+ social media) and feasible schedules. She invites (not directs) premium service entrepreneurs, consultants, creative professionals, often introverts and women, to create unique business models that truly energize them.  

Since 2004, she has delivered over 30 talks, including her signature workshops by 2014. In 2015 alone, Crystal-Marie spoke at over 15 events. was nominated for the CAMP Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became an Amazon.ca bestseller with her Chapter in “DYNAMO Diaries - Volume 1”. Past speaking clients and events include Iler Campbell's Tools Conference 2015, Bank of Montreal (BMO), GroYourBiz™ Advisory Boards, Toronto Public Libraries, DivaGirl Conference 2016 and more. 

Crystal-Marie values self care, free will and individual sovereignty, in life and in business, believing that this is what creates a healthy global community. She is also a dancer, and lives with her partner and daughter in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

She accepts paid professional speaking invitations for live and virtual events. For more about Crystal-Marie explore her profile here, her eSpeakers.com profile or explore her talks for topics relevant to your audience.

Let’s Chat. Live your dream | Leave your legacy. 

Speaking & In the Media

This episode of Women Speakers Association (WSA) has cracked the women's empowerment code. Featuring WSA Premium members: Crystal-Marie Sealy (2:01 marker), Nickquolette Barrett, and Bev Short.

"Do Your Run Your Business or Does Your Business Run You?" Crystal-Marie's interview on Janette's I'm Every Woman! TV about how Successiory empowers for clients, particularly when they don't fit society's mould.

"Authenticity". Great buzzword, but have you tried it? Here, I hope to help you not just 'try', but actually 'do' this...without resenting those who would prefer to keep you in your 'current box'. Quick snapshot.

My 3 Signature Talks

What setting would you like to create for your audience? Conference, keynotes and breakout sessions, or smaller events, how you start - and how you finish - really affect how your audience engages and remembers the experience. I focus on three (3) talks here, but Explore them All here.

Money, client community and intrinsic value - known triggers of challenge and resilience in entrepreneurs. My 3 talks:

One clear problem great entrepreneurs face is obscurity. Those who value and would invest in you, often don't know you exist. Concern here breeds discounting and conformity, depriving clients of the very value that only You can deliver.

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