Social Media Strategy Consulting

Are you connecting with clients on social media? Are they engaging with you there? If not, let's see what needs to change. If you've been in business for a while, you know that long-term clients are more committed than 1-Time clients. On social media, apply the same principle. Focus on your 50 client followers instead of seeking 5,000 1-time followers. Welcome, from Crystal-Marie. Let's establish a strategy around clients who value and invest in you. E.A.S.Y. - Effective, Actionable, Simple, Yours. 

Thinking about starting? | Present but silent? | Active but without clear direction? | About to give up?

Goals (KPI)

Is social media at the top of your sales funnel (awareness) or the base (sales)? Connect with right community through feasible performance indicators (KPI).


Who values and invests in you offline? Where are they, and what are they doing, on social media? Let's see how we can engage with them there.  

Content Calendar

Content is what drives conversation on social media. What's your year-long conversation look like? Is it relevant, timely and supportive of your clients?

What's Your Strategy?

Goals, Audience and Content calendar are just 3 of the 6 core pillars of the signature Successiory social media strategy. Whether you choose the Presence, Engage or Prospect strategy, your social media strategy covers at least your Content Strategy. Wrap up your strategy in as little as 3 sessions, or as many as you need to return the reigns of Your community to You, on social media.


Insightful Reading. Client Community on Social Media

  Know the Difference.    SEO, Social Media?

Know the Difference. SEO, Social Media?

  You have   More Content    than you Think...

You have More Content than you Think...

  Why is Social Media    Sucking Your Time?

Why is Social Media Sucking Your Time?

Let's Chat. Where would you like to start? Package options below.


Social Media Packages

Social media packages were designed to create one less decision. Choose your package. Get a suite of services: strategy, management, even consulting. A strategic approach to sustainable client community on social media. Entrepreneur packages serve solo entrepreneurs, executives and individual professionalsEnterprise packages serve those with 2 decision makers.

Note: Ask about Package Extras, including channel set-up, e-news, blogs, websites or advertising. Learn why these are Extras.

Strategy Consulting Retainers

Successiory works with you to simplify and get focused. It's easy to lose sight of life and business in the grind of serving clients, but it's not necessary. It is possible to have a rejuvenating schedule. For each month of your retainer (3+ months) you get:

Basic ($500/month)

  • Any or all 3 areas above.
  • 1 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 5 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Standard ($1,000/month)

  • Any or all 3 areas above.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 9 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Enterprise ($2,000/month)

  • Any or all 3 areas above.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • 10+ advisory e-mails.

2 decision makers? Let's chat!

I look forward to returning the reigns of your business fully to you. 

Other Social Media Services

Social Media Workshops

Social media workshops were designed to empower you and your team. Choose your workshop. Strategy workshops are listed below. Ask about those on LinkedIn, Twitter and more. 

Social Media Set-Up

Not on social media? Successiory creates more than just a blank page for you. On Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and more, Successiory connects you with Community! ASK!

  • Channel Set-Up
  • Intro Content
  • Start Following Content

E.A.S.Y. Strategy Program

Prefer a more D.I.Y. approach? Get the 5-week signature Successiory E.A.S.Y. Social Media Strategy Program. Click below to download the option for you, or your team. Let's dive in!

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Welcome to the beginning of Client Community on Social Media!