Rethink Project Management. What's Your Schedule?

Welcome, from Crystal-Marie. Congratulations on your success to-date! If you don't know where to start, that's what I'm here for. If you just need an accountability partner, I'm here too. Working on Pareto's 80/20 principle, we clear the clutter to streamline your business without sacrificing quality. Let's find the schedule that inspires your creativity, instead of burn out, for You and your clients.

Let's chat. Where would you like to start?

Your Business Hours

What are Your business hours? I know, I know. Henry Ford said "the 8-hour day", it's how you were raised, and it must be the law. Are you really productive for 8 hours? Perhaps you're:

  • Better with a 5-6 hour day? 
  • An afternoon-evening business? 
  • Early morning-lunch enterprise?

You don't have to fit one of these. What lets you enjoy work, life and family?

Client Projects

What are your service delivery timelines? When are you most creative in delivering projects and solutions? When are you most collaborative? Give your clients your best by scheduling meetings and projects accordingly:

  • Morning meetings? 
  • Afternoon projects? 
  • Tue-Thu client time? 

When can you give them your best?

Business Planning

When will you work ON (not just in) your business? Booking this time, and honouring it as you would client time, is truly the way this gets done. What tasks come under this category? Even if you delegate, when do you follow-up: 

  • Last week of each month? 
  • Every Monday, or Friday? 
  • 2 afternoons each week?

When do you have enough time?

Refreshing Insight into Why Life Has to Be on Your Schedule

Work with Me! Successiory Consulting Retainers

Successiory works with you to simplify and get focused. It's easy to lose sight of life and business in the grind of serving clients, but it's not necessary. It is possible to have a rejuvenating schedule. For each month of your retainer (3+ months) you get:

Basic ($500/month)

  • Schedule, or other areas arising.
  • 1 virtual session.
  • Up to 5 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Standard ($1,000/month)

  • Schedule, or other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 9 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Enterprise ($2,000/month)

  • Schedule, or other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • 10+ advisory e-mails.

2 decision makers? Let's chat!

E.A.S.Y. Strategy for a Sustainable Schedule

Get the signature Successiory E.A.S.Y. Strategy for your Schedule in just 5 weeks. The Successiory strategy consulting retainers allow you to go at your own pace as you explore your sustainable Schedule. This strategy, however, is an intensive guided reflection that takes you through the same process with laser focus. Let's chat before you decide. Click Here.

DOWNLOAD E.A.S.Y. Strategy (Schedule) Details | BOOK Your E.A.S.Y. Strategy HERE


I look forward to returning the reigns of your business fully to you. 

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