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Welcome, from Crystal-Marie. Is your business covering your lifestyle and business costs? How do you determine the price of your services - time, expertise, unique value, client budgets? Pricing is more than just cost of service delivery. Whatever your strategy, if you're losing money, it's not working. Let's fix it. Ready to start earning more, working less and serving better clients?

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Cost of Living

Is your business covering your living and business costs? If you've had a business for over 3 years and still have a part-time job, or still VC-funded, let's turn things around.

It's time for you to earn enough revenue for a proper take-home.

Cost of Business

What are your business costs? I'm not talking about the obvious fees you pay for Internet every month.

Let's look at buffers for cash flow, your accountant, memberships, networking, and so much more.

What costs are you forgetting?

Value to Clients

Beyond costs, what goes into your pricing? What revenue are clients able to generate with:

  • the time you save them? 
  • the visibility, solutions you offer?
  • the money you help them earn?

What are the intangibles?

Morale Boost. Better Pricing = Better Clients & More

  Case:    Are You Smarter?   GM & GM Suppliers.

Case: Are You Smarter? GM & GM Suppliers.

  Quick Morale  Boost.   Your Pricing Strategy  .

Quick Morale Boost. Your Pricing Strategy.

  Another Perspective  on   Entrepreneurship .

Another Perspective on Entrepreneurship.

Work with Me! Successiory Consulting Retainers

Successiory works with you to simplify and get focused. It's easy to lose sight of life and business in the grind of serving clients, but it's not necessary. It is possible to have a rejuvenating schedule. For each month of your retainer (3+ months) you get:

Basic ($500/month)

  • Pricing, and other areas arising.
  • 1 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 5 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Standard ($1,000/month)

  • Pricing, and other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 9 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Enterprise ($2,000/month)

  • Pricing, and other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • 10+ advisory e-mails.

2 decision makers? Let's chat!

E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Pricing

Get the signature Successiory E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Pricing in just 5 weeks. The Successiory strategy consulting retainers allow you to go at your own pace as you make significant changes to your Pricing and Packages. This strategy, however, is an intensive guided reflection that takes you through the same process with laser focus. Let's chat before you decide. Click Here.

DOWNLOAD E.A.S.Y. Strategy (Pricing) Details | BOOK Your E.A.S.Y. Strategy HERE


I look forward to returning the reigns of your business fully to you. 

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