Your E.A.S.Y. Affluence Business Model™ (Public Talk)

Your E.A.S.Y. Affluence Business Model™ by Successiory. "Good-bye rat race. Hello Blue Ocean." Entrepreneurship isn't 24/7 for everyone. It Can truly energize you, and your clients. Often, leadership and high-end entrepreneurial audiences are silent about how unsustainable the 24/7 business model is because - it is considered "weak" or "lazy" by many - but is it? Research has shown the importance of sleep and down time, that few are productive 8 hours a day (far less 24 hours), so why do we do it? . (Jul 2018)

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Closing the Gap. The True Shift to a Global Wealth Mindset (Public Talk)

We all seem to want cheap and free, but our global economy cant sustain that. Can you see the disconnect? Someone has to keep the flow of wealth (and well-being) going to ensure the wheel keeps turning. We assume that angel investors, venture capitalists, the stock market (i.e. your investments) and the government (i.e. taxes you pay) should take care of any shortfalls, but if we all stopped paying, how would they find the funds to do that? 

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Pricing for Your Lifestyle (Public Talk/Workshop)

Is your business covering your living and business costs? If not, it's time to change. What do you use to determine the price of your services - time, expertise, unique value, client budgets? If you're underpaid, tired of living by hourly rates or your costs are greater than your earnings, Pricing for Your Lifestyle reveals the internal arena of pricing that keeps your business alive. (Mar 2016)

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Defy Obscurity so Clients Find You (Public Talk)

Obscurity. The main problem small businesses face today is that those who need, value and would invest in them, don't know they exist. Many are frustrated, jaded or overwhelmed by the lack of ROI. The distraction and loss of time posed by a lack of strategic approach to social media further exasperated the social media experiences. (Nov 2015)

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Successiory Entrepreneur Mastermind

You have been invited to this Successiory Mastermind Group because your colleague believes that you are professional of high integrity, committed to your dream and offering a service that empowers others to do the same. I, Crystal-Marie Sealy, will be your Mastermind facilitator.

Started in June 2015, the Successiory Entrepreneur Mastermind has served to support entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, community matters. Your Mastermind Group will be the team you can lean on to discuss anything. Read on for further details. 

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Create Your Content Calendar (Workshop)

Do you, your team or your inner circle, struggle with what to post on social media? You're not alone. So how do you find enough content? Answer: PLAN.

Book this workshop for in-depth insight as you begin to Create Your Content Calendar for the months or year ahead. Save up to 60% more time, get focused and align your social media, blogs and e-news communications for more meaningful engagement online. (Nov 2014)

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