In the Media

Welcome to Crystal-Marie Sealy & Successiory in the media. Here, you'll find Successiory media kit (soon), past interviews, online media activities and Successiory in the news, as they occur. Another great way to get to know me before we work together.

TV Interviews & Speaking Snapshots

This episode of Women Speakers Association (WSA) has cracked the women's empowerment code. Featuring WSA Premium members: Crystal-Marie Sealy (2:01 marker), Nickquolette Barrett, and Bev Short.

"Do Your Run Your Business or Does Your Business Run You?" Crystal-Marie's interview on Janette's I'm Every Woman! TV about how Successiory empowers for clients, particularly when they don't fit society's mould.

"Authenticity". Great buzzword, but have you tried it? Here, I hope to help you not just 'try', but actually 'do' this...without resenting those who would prefer to keep you in your 'current box'. Enjoy!

Successiory Media Kit

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Successiory and, or, founder Crystal-Marie Sealy. Here, you'll find:

  • Company & Founder Profiles - including expertise and vision.
  • Social media and online profiles e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Non-confidential clients, client testimonials, and client profile.
  • Statistics, FAQ, processes - 'how to work with me'. 
  • Speaking topics and services offered, along with pricing. 
  • Logo and design guide(s).

Contact information is also included. Should you need additional information, please contact Crystal-Marie.