Welcome from your social media partner, Crystal-Marie. What would you like to improve on with social media? Are you: 

Thinking about starting? | Present but silent? | Active but without clear direction? | About to give up?

You know that long-term clients are better for business than 1-Time clients. On social media, apply the same principle. 50 client followers mean more to You than 5,000 1-time followers. At Successiory, I work with you to establish a strategy around your clients for long-term community. I then manage it for you or deliver training so it's E.A.S.Y. - Effective, Actionable, Simple, Yours.

Successiory Entrepreneur Packages

Individuals. Solo entrepreneurs, executives, professionals. You realize that clients don't buy services. They buy You; how you make them feel. Your personality = your Brand. Packages combine strategy, management and even consulting to ensure clients see exactly what attracted them to you when they connect on Twitter, LinkedIn and more. (Engagements are at least 6 months.)


Just starting social media? Perhaps you're not yet clear on your online audience, or just want to start small. 

  • PRESENCE Strategy: Basic. 
  • MANAGEMENT: 3 social media channels and HootSuite.
  • CALLS: Quick monthly call to ensure all is well (20-min).

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You have many great connections and want to continue that on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, but can't find the time.

  • ENGAGE Strategy: Standard. 
  • MANAGEMENT: 3-5 channels, HootSuite, engagement. 
  • CONSULTING: Social media sessions, as needed (50-min). 

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Diving deeper into your business, we connect with your best clients to foster stronger ties and even referrals.

  • E.A.S.Y. Strategy: Premium. 
  • MANAGEMENT: 5+ channels, HootSuite, engagement. 
  • CONSULTING: Social media strategy or training (50-min).

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Get the signature Successiory E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Social Media in just 5 weeks. If you have the time and are already tech savvy, but just need some strategic direction and clarity on the unique value of social media to your business, this strategy is a great place to solidify your client community goals and direction on social media. Let's book a conversation first. Click Here.

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Note: Ask about Package Extras, including channel set-up, e-news, blogs, websites or advertising. Learn why these are Extras.

Let's chat. Learn more before you decide.


Once we've connected, you'll have enough information to decide what's right for You. Ready to make your decision?

  • Presence
  • $2,500/mo
  • Presence (Basic) Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • 3 Channels & HootSuite
  • Virtual 20-min Session
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  • Engage
  • $3,750/mo
  • Engage (Standard) Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • 3-5 Channels & HootSuite
  • Virtual 50-min Session
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  • Prospect
  • $5,000/mo
  • Signature E.A.S.Y. Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • 5+ Channels & HootSuite
  • Virtual Session & Support
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