Welcome to your safe place. Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, I firmly believe the overflow of self care is what makes you most effective, most creative, in serving your clients. When your business is truly designed to amplify the best you have to offer, your clients see, feel and respond to that.  I'm here to help You redesign your business to better fit You.

About Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA

A warm welcome from Crystal-Marie. On paper, my career began in 2001, spans Successiory (2009), my MBA from the Schulich School of Business (2010), two countries and several industries, including business strategy, social media consulting, environmental and engineering consulting, higher education and more (LinkedIn). 

In 2015, I was nominated for Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year and became an Amazon.ca bestseller on August 9th 2015, with my Chapter in “DYNAMO Diaries - Volume 1”. I spoke at 12 events in 2015 alone, including several GroYourBiz Advisory Boards, Bank of Montreal (paid), Iler Campbell’s Tools Conference and Toronto Public Libraries’ Small Business (sometimes paid) series. I love speaking!

On a personal note, I'm an MBA, entrepreneur, millennial, dancer, author and so much more yet, like you, I don't fit the stereotypes. After years of workaholism and the health and relationship losses that go with that lifestyle, I've stopped 'paying lip service' to terms like authenticity, self care and sustainability. My health scare pushed me into living them. Here's hoping I can inspire you to live and work better without learning the hard way. Welcome. Still curious? 

Read on. Below, my Values and My Story. See "Successiory" and "Clients" for more.


Successiory empower clients for long-term success. Stop compromising on pricing, schedule and process for everyone else. Discover you, your life and business goals. Start there.

  • Pareto's 80/20 Philosophy: Optimize your time, energy and resources. Focus on the 20% of tasks, relationships that meet 80% of your needs. 20% of clients who invest in 80% of your offering. Focus on ideal client & services.
  • Lifestyle: You didn't become an entrepreneur to work harder than you did when you worked for someone else. It happens, it's fun, but that's not the goal. Work, but work smart. What else is fun? Travel, dance, play.
  • Community: Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Friends, corporate colleagues, even family, may not get it. This means it's that much more important to be selective about the clients, partners and networks we work with. 

It's refreshing being the same person in all areas of your life!

Clear the clutter. What will your legacy be?

My Story

Here's why Pareto's 80/20 rules. Workaholism is the story of many entrepreneurs' lives. My story is no different. I was over-commit, drained and burnt out. Then my body fought back.

I had to be hospitalized (twice) for blackouts and survive 5 unexplained minutes of paralysis, to learn that I had to stop “planning” to take care of myself and actually do it. Strangely, Successiory helped me change. If I was falling apart, and unable to live my dream, how could I empower you live yours? I've turned that around. I'm now:

  • Priority: health, 'non-work' fun, relationships are better.
  • Creating E.A.S.Y. Strategy: for myself and my clients.
  • Empowering: speaking, blogs, an example of self care.

I'm building my dreams on all fronts while empowering others. I'm a work in progress. I believe as long as we're alive, that's the case, but I'm a lot closer to my dreams than I was before.

What's your story? It just might empower Your Clients.

Live Your Dream. Leave Your Legacy.