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Welcome to Mindful Entrepreneurship. At Successiory, I work with premium service professionals - often introverts, entrepreneurs, women, corporate professionals transitioning to entrepreneurship - who are tired of the rat race. What’s unique about my clients, those sharing testimonials below, is that they’re truly ready to let go. They’re ready to get past the disapproval and losses that come with stepping into a business that honours their needs, as they’re laser focused on what they’ll gain in the release. Good-bye rat race. Hello blue ocean. Business that energizes you.

Does this resonate? Awaken something inside of you? Let us release 24/7 entrepreneurship, and related health and lifestyle issues, in appreciation of lessons learned (not in resentment). You have begun to find energy in mindfulness, intuitive flow, ease and abundance instead. I value your unique warmth and grace for your imperfections and others'. You appreciate where you’ve been, and are now excited about where you’re going. You’re fully committed to your unique path. You appreciate meeting virtually, as it means more time, space for life, family and revenue-generation.

Perhaps you are transitioning from a corporate career and don't want to fall into workaholism again. Maybe you are already in business and need a more sustainable pace. Your high-ticket clients are sometimes demanding and you need to set some healthy boundaries to ensure that you can consistently serve them and your other clients well. As you learn more about yourself and your individual sovereignty, you’re mindfully leaning more and more toward clients who already value you. You’re ready to change your business model to attract more of them - only them!

That's what I'm here to support you in establishing. Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better.

Each logo beneath these amazing testimonials represents a real person I’ve had the privilege of working with. There’s a summary of our time together. To each of you, a warm, heart-felt, thank you!

Client Successes

400% increased engagement, 2 leads, 1 client for a CEO client.

96% increase in followers on Twitter, with leads, 1-month strategy.

90-94% got more profitable Pricing models and better clients.

80-91% reported social media kept their services top-of-mind.

70% increase in pricing per client, earned 200% more with fewer clients.

60-90% increase in repeat & relevant clients.



“astonished at the immediate results”

“Crystal-Marie delivers! I hired her for a one shot deal to maximize my Instagram reach, and was astonished at the immediate results. She is extremely effective, accessible, and genuinely cares about her clients. I recommend her highly to anyone who needs support with strategy for business or social media.” (March 26, 2019)
— Judy Jackson, founder, @therealluciousjackson on Instagram.

“I've listened to the webinar twice since then.”

"I participated in Crystal-Marie's webinar titled 'Pricing for Your Lifestyle', which was offered through Company of Women. I've listened to the webinar twice since then because I was very interested in what she had to say and to make sure it was sinking in. I have been in business 15 years, but I am still not as confident about pricing as I want to be. Crystal-Marie has helped me realize that I am offering a quality service which I should be paid for because it has value. I needed the moral boost that Crystal-Marie gave me."
(April 23, 2017)

— Marlene Sanders, founder,

“a very warm and interesting speaking style that makes it easy to listen to and learn from her.”

"Crystal is a very dynamic and energetic speaker. She is a pleasure to listen to, and has a very warm and interesting speaking style that makes it easy to listen to and learn from her. She is a very upbeat, creative, and friendly person, and makes an incredible speaker. She even adds humour to her talks as well, to keep them light, interesting, and enjoyable to listen to – and also helps hold the crowd. Very impressive in front of an audience!" 
(October 29, 2014)  

— James Elliott, speaker, author, founder,

“simplify my process, and learn the social media nuances.”

"Crystal-Marie's workshops "Create Your Content Calendar", "Scheduling and Automation" followed by a group session and a private session have given me what I need to be confident and competent in strategizing and managing MaestroQ's social media presence. Crystal-Marie helped me to navigate through the social media channels, simplify my process, and learn the social media nuances. Crystal-Marie customized our group session based on collective needs and customized my private session based on my particular challenges. Working with Crystal-Marie was easy and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the convenience and effectiveness of online meetings."
(May 21, 2015)

— Patricia Muir, speaker, founder of Maestro Quality Inc


“helped me to set up a specific social media strategy.” “tips on what to post, what not to post.” “it’s okay to skip a day if you don’t have anything relevant to post.”

(August 2015) — James Elliott, speaker, author, founder,


“her solid knowledge in her field and professionalism really shone through”

"I met Crystal-Marie at a professional workshop we both attended and I very quickly recognised how authentic and likeable she was. After hearing her present to us on how she can help business owners improve and maximise their social media strategies, her solid knowledge in her field and professionalism really shone through. In all my communications with her since that day, she has demonstrated her positive attitude and poise, and interest in helping others succeed. I find those to be admirable qualities that will surely help anyone bump up their social media and business success!"
(October 31, 2014)  

— Martina V. Rowley, virtual assistant, founder

“highly instrumental in getting me to understand my numbers.”

"Crystal-Marie is a very knowledgeable and savvy business woman. Her MBA skills and training towards helping me implement various sales and marketing (including social media) projects in my business was outstanding. She was also highly instrumental in getting me to understand my numbers, raise my package prices and determine my worth. Most of all, she is very supportive and encouraging, really listening to me express what my goals and needs for my business are, helping me streamline and trouble shoot projects and staffing requirements and getting me to set boundaries along with my own schedule that fits my lifestyle and choices. Never have I had a business consultant and mentor who was so in-tune to my needs and supportive in working in the feminine vs the male model of success. I also really appreciate her quick follow-up, sessions notes and other useful tools. It was a delight working with Crystal-Marie. I would recommend her to any business owner, in particular, women business owners who are struggling to find their place and define success on their terms.”
(June 1, 2016)

— Janette Burke, executive producer, TV show host, media marketing consultant, trainer, author, speaker

“a terrific person as well as very knowledgeable about social marketing strategies.”

"Crystal-Marie Sealy MBA, Consultant, President and Founder of Successiory was referred to me by her client whose social media program I actually pay attention to. I read the client’s posts, tweets and newsletter because they are well timed, relevant and full of positive energy. I was delighted to find Crystal-Marie is a terrific person as well as very knowledgeable about social marketing strategies. Crystal-Marie is generous with her knowledge, wants to give you the best experience and information possible, is incredibly positive and has a great sense of humour. For anyone who needs to manage the social media tsunami, talk to Crystal-Marie Sealy." 
(November 26, 2015)  

— Nikki Cummins, co-founder and executive, Kingbird Group


“Successiory… unique in its approach …its strategic process to attain ONLY positive results.”

“I have known Crystal for many years, and have seen her grow from strength to strength in her every action. Though starting off as friends, we have now become business partners, utilizing our skills and expertise to assist companies, business professionals and government agencies in their every effort to improve their customer engagement, increase public awareness and generate greater overall sales. 
She is a remarkable friend and business partner, with a keen eye for detail and an enthusiasm like no other. I have grown tremendously from working closely with Crystal in more ways than one, and I look forward to our personal and business success now and in the future! 
If you require an efficient and effective company, unique in its approach and particular in its strategic process to attain ONLY positive results and feedback.....You need to give Crystal a call & hire Successiory to help make a change in your organization!“
(May 9, 2014)

— Elisa A. Clarke, marketing director and co-founder, Gasp Events Ltd.

She has been incredibly dedicated to get the AIS social media program off the ground,“

"Crystal-Marie is a phenomenal asset to the AIS Board of Directors. I can always count on her to ask smart questions and to provide informed contributions to Board discussions, including discussions that extend far beyond marketing and communications. She has been incredibly dedicated to get the AIS social media program off the ground, and in designing the messaging and tools to support and reinforce AIS' fundraising priorities. She also brings positivity and enthusiasm to meetings, and is a reliable board member that we can always count on!" 
(July 7, 2014)

— Ainsley Chapman, board presidents, AIS Toronto.

“She really knows her stuff ~ not to mention is an absolute gem to work with!”

"Before I found Crystal-Marie, I was so completely overwhelmed by social media. Now, thanks to her knowledge, skills, and guidance, I have a social media strategy, and an editorial calendar for the whole year. And, best of all, I feel back in control of my on-line presence. 

She really knows her stuff ~ not to mention is an absolute gem to work with! Throughout the process she has been so incredibly patient, positive, and persistent (in a tough love kind of way!). I really can’t thank her enough. 

If you want to get serious about your business and your potential on-line reach, I highly recommend this girl. In fact, she is a must! Crystal-Marie is the social media strategist you definitely want in your corner."
(June 5, 2014) 

— Carol Schulte, speaker, coach, trainer, founder of and Women Living B.I.G.


Happy Clients