Client Engagement Process

Welcome, from Crystal-Marie. Do you have preliminary consultations to determine client needs and compatibility? I'm not talking about the "what", but the "how", of your engagements. What happens after that consultation? Let's clarify where your role ends and the clients' begins. Let's clear the clutter and keep quality. Let's keep only what truly matters to you and to your clients.

Let's chat. Where would you like to start?

Your Process

What is your process? You already know your process, but somehow we tend to allow 'scope creep' - your clients pay for carrots, but get it diced, stewed and more. Documenting helps:

  • Journalling 1-3 engagements. 
  • Record 1-3 past engagements. 
  • New? Write your ideal process.

So, what's your process?


Are no 2 engagements alike? Is that a part of the fun, or have you simply not finalized your process? Once you've documented 1-3 engagements: 

  • Review them side-by-side. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps. 
  • Evaluate remaining steps. 
  • Maintain quality & connection. 

Want to template your process?


Can you simplify your engagement process - what you do for clients - a bit more? Refine your process for greater efficiency and value for clients. With the time you save, will you: 

  • Work smarter in fewer hours? 
  • Serve more clients better? 
  • Create more family time?

Is there room to streamline?

Diving Deeper. What is Client Engagement?


Work with Me! Successiory Consulting Retainers

Successiory works with you to simplify and get focused. It's easy to lose sight of life and business in the grind of serving clients, but it's not necessary. It is possible to have a rejuvenating schedule. For each month of your retainer (3+ months) you get:

Basic ($500/month)

  • Process, or other areas arising.
  • 1 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 5 advisory e-mails.

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Standard ($1,000/month)

  • Process, or other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • Up to 9 advisory e-mails.

What works for you? Let's chat!

Enterprise ($2,000/month)

  • Process, or other areas arising.
  • 2 virtual sessions.
  • 10+ advisory e-mails.

2 decision makers? Let's chat!

E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Client Process

Get the signature Successiory E.A.S.Y. Strategy for Client Process in just 5 weeks. The Successiory strategy consulting retainers allow you to go at your own pace as you streamline to your process for Quality and Efficiency. This strategy, however, is an intensive guided reflection that takes you through the same process with laser focus. Let's chat before you decide. Click Here.

DOWNLOAD E.A.S.Y. Strategy (Pricing) Details | BOOK Your E.A.S.Y. Strategy HERE


I look forward to returning the reigns of your business fully to you.