Sustainable Schedules that Work. Managing Expectations.

As we Rethink Project Management, or at least as rethink our schedules around our energy, focus and productive rhythms, over each day, week or even the month, we'll often run into those who expect us to continue our old habits of dropping everything to 'help' them. In the earlier videos, I addressed facing yourself in identifying what needs to change for your schedule to be more productive. Here, we take it out into the world. How do you set, and manage, expectations, so your feasible schedule stands?

Managing Expectations. How?

If that sounds 'trivial', how have you been doing with completing what you have scheduled in your calendar? When working on your business, do client e-mails (urgent or not) eliminate your existing priorities? Is that moving your business forward?

Common challenges among clients and peers: 

  1. Clear boundaries. When are you 'Available'?

  2. Lead by example. Honour your boundaries.

  3. Standing firm when others push those limits.

I don't give you all the answers, but here's an invitation to simply live this - no defensive stance, no long explanations - simply available and not...

What do you foresee as insurmountable, here?

More inspiration, if you need it, to make this a priority for yourself. Nothing feels as great as operating at your best in every area! Read more.

Stay Tuned

Continuing to improve on video for more face time, I look forward to a deeper connection with you, this year. Stay tuned on Social Media (links below). Of course, if you're trying to transition from the rat race to a healthier pace, I'm here to help you have that conversation with yourself. Whether I hold space as you process out loud, or you need some strategic guidance to minimize disruption to business continuity, Let's chat.

Click Here and let your mind wander on what's possible with a schedule that suits your pace.  

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Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, is a speaker and business strategy consultant focused on pricing, social media and more, for established small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives. President and founder of Successiory and her signature E.A.S.Y. Strategy process, Crystal-Marie works with professionals who want to build sustainable (livable) business models around their lifestyles and create sustainable client community on social media. She also speaks and delivers workshops at business and motivational conferences on business entrepreneurial strategy for pricing, your schedule and client social media community. Connect with her and subscribe at