Schedules of the Less Famous 1% Rich, and You

How are life and business treating you, today? I hope, in both, you spend time with those who encourage you to fly. I want to reiterate what this title states, in case you've missed it. You don't have to have extreme publicity to become successful - whether in wealth, health or time. With that clear, whether you're an introvert who thrives on silent success or the prince(ss) of popularity who feeds on fame, there's a schedule that works with Your energy. On either end of the spectrum, let's celebrate You. I hope to continue to encourage you, here. 

Why Not You? How do You work?

Warren Buffet talks about why the most productive (and wealthiest) people have empty schedules. An executive client of mine works and plays hard, with 8-10 weeks vacation - he and his peers all do this - I agree. Jason Fried gave a tap on the wrist reminding that "no sleep" is not brag-worthy. People laugh, but Tom Ferriss' 4-Hour Work week sales keep skyrocketing. Why? Because the wise among us have realized that Henry Ford's 8-hour workday does not work for the Age of Thought. How Liberating!

You have optimal productivity when you give yourself permission (i.e. guilt-free) to step back when you're less productive. I talk about "your feasible schedule" and "how your natural rhythm feeds productivity"Still, it all falls flat if, within yourself or in talking to others, you have to Defend down time, OR you feel Guilty about it. Self care isn't about rebellion - so you have nothing to defend - it's about being healthier and productive for a longer time... for yourself, your family and those who rely on you. Isn't it?

What do You need? Why not take it?

More inspiration from Warren BuffetJason Fried, on health & environment, and where Henry Ford's 8-hour day falls short. P.S. Kudos to these men who get it! Ladies. I invite you to do it too.

Stay Tuned

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