Successiory Follow Policy (Part 2)

In Part 1, I shared the Successiory Follow Policy. Here, in Part 2, I dive a bit deeper into the rationale for developing your own Follow Policy, including how it helps you, your followers.

  1. Good Content
  2. Time Savings
  3. Newsfeed

At the very least, these 3 benefit you and your followers.

The overwhelming volume of content online can be a distraction, unless you streamline and stay focused. The same is likely true for most of your followers. Wouldn't it be great if you become their most credible, professional, "go-to" social media community?

Managing Expectations

If you're in business or manage an online community, it helps to manage your followers' expectations. Your policy may differ from mine, but it is important to know what your policy is. Below, I provide a few questions and ideas to consider as you create your policy.

Your Follow Policy can be as complex or simple as you'd like, but simple is usually better.

What Your Followers Can Expect.

This part of your Follow Policy may be of greatest importance to your relevant followers.

  1. What are the main topics that you talk about? Your passions, expertise, client needs?
  2. What do you share around those topics? Your perspective, events, tips?
  3. How often do you check-in to engage? Weekly? Spontaneously, Biweekly?
  4. What is your rationale, if any, for selecting these parameters for your Follow Policy?

Will you include humour or inspiration? Let them know here as well.

Who Will You Follow? Why?

Who you follow is who you read, share and learn from. Here's why following the right people and organizations helps, not only you, but your followers as well. The rationale:

  • Good Content. Follow those who share good quality, relevant content, you'll always have great content to share. Followers will also find a haven of good content in you.
  • Newsfeed. Follow everyone who follows you, and your newsfeed becomes irrelevant noise. Follow only good content, and start enjoying your newsfeed. Read, learn, share.
  • Time Savings. Follow those who share the content you want, and spend considerably less time seeking good content. Followers will find the same benefit in following you.

Think it through. Isn't it actually kinder to follow only those you need, value and invest in? Following everyone who follows you seems polite, but only in the short term. In the long-term, you're not likely to read or share, and they're not going to either. So, who should you follow?

  1. Who shares content that is relevant to you, your offering and your clients?
  2. Who shares your perspective on key topics and reinforces that with your clients?
  3. On profiles, where you add friends, rather than "follow", what's your policy?

If there are parameters that will make you not follow a person or organization, what are they?

Creating Your Own Follow Policy?

For additional insight into creating your own Follow Policy, here are a few blog posts:

Start by thinking about your Ideal Client or Follower, and their needs.

Need more help on making this decision?

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