Successiory Follow Policy (Part 1)

Welcome! Successiory hopes to create a consistent, focused and relevant experience for you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus or another channel. The revised Successiory Follow Policy tells you:

  • What you can expect to find here, and
  • Who I follow and share it's not everyone

What to Expect. What Successiory Shares.

Across the board, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Successiory follows good, consistent, relevant content. Successiory shares content on:

Entrepreneur strategy, and even inspiration, focuses primarily on pricing, client process (streamlined operations), feasible schedules and self care. In alk areas, Successiory follows those who share the Successiory sentiment, voice and values on these topics.  This helps clients and prospects get a better sense of who they're working with.

Who I Follow

Like you, I'm human. In order to avoid distraction and share consistent content, I have to read and find that content, when I don't create it. Successiory, therefore, only Follows the Content.

  • Good, relevant content on the topics (above) Successiory shares
  • Events, networks and learning opportunities around these topics
  • Content that inspires authenticity, even when it's not convenient

In an effort to maintain focus, Successiory also doesn't follow "everyone who follows me", post 10+ times daily or posts 6+ times at events.

Application on Different Channels

Across the board, what you can expect to find are variations of the above main topics. On who I follow, this is how the policy is applied on different channels.

1.0 Twitter & Company Pages 

On Twitter and Company pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and others that function in the same way, I adhere to the above Follow Policy. LinkedIn company pages do not yet have the capacity to follow other pages. 

2.0 Professional Profiles (Individual)

On channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus, the professional individual behind Successiory, Crystal-Marie Sealy, generally only connects with advocates, colleagues, clients and those I'm developing a trusted relationship with. 

On LinkedIn, for example, this approach not only protects me, but executives and my other connections in high-liability roles who have heavier privacy requirements. It makes it more difficult for certain headhunters, the press and others who connect with us just to reach them.

Your Follow Policy?

In Part 2, I discuss how your own Follow Policy can help you save time and stay focused on your goals, while you're on social media. Click here to get tips on how and why it helps.

Find Successiory

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