The Real You. On Social Media?

You can be the Real You on social media and have your privacy too!

The Real You. Why It's Needed

It's not easy to put yourself out there, but if you're an entrepreneur, you know (or you're learning) a thing or two about the value of being vulnerable and yet resilient.

Your true story and personality are to your brand what 'company history' and 'corporate culture' are to big brands. The truth is that people buy from people. Your personality, quirks and all, makes your brand. Entrepreneur or big brand, if you get moderate service but are treated like royalty, you'd likely go back. It's why Lexus doesn't have to be perfect. They drive you home in style or get you a rental, among other things. Getting the picture?

P.S. You do not have to sacrifice privacy to be the Real You on Social Media. Just be smart.

Your Brand on Social Media

If you're a service entrepreneur - consultant, author, coach, speaker, health adviser - you know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, in some industries, your personality is the only option. In others, your niche or ideal client helps. My social media, talks and workshops gets you focused on your overarching Strategy, Content Calendar and Automation.

From a social media perspective, being the real you gives you the 'humanity' required for sustainable social media community engagement. Most people can use the standard tactics to get followers. Not everyone can keep them engaged. The human element is what keeps people coming back. "People buy based on emotion". It is what they feel that inspires trust. This is why the people you have a real relationship with or those you've helped or connected with meaningful, become champions, if not collaborators or clients.

Your 80/20 Investment

Why don't we make the decision to be smarter about our time - and act on that decision?

Pareto's 80/20 philosophy essentially says that efficiency comes from giving 20% of your time to those things that meet 80% of your needs or goals. If you apply that to your business, who are the people, processes, events and networking engagements and services (or products) that your time and energy are best spend on? Make an honest list of these. Who are your 20%?

When you can answer that, and change your business model to act on your list, you'll have 80% of your time left to:

  • Streamline your processes, services and/or products - further refining those lists.

  • Have a life. Travel, consciously make healthier food choices, get to know your family.

  • Make more money. With more time and energy, you're empowered to help more clients.

What would you add to this list? If you had more time, what would you do?

On social media, automation and scheduling tools such as HootSuite, SproutSocial, Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp and Constant Contact, can help you save up to 10 hours a week. That's 520 hours a year! The Automation workshop sets you up to save time.

What does 520 hours in sales look like to your business?


Beyond the external benefits of being the real you, above, on social media and in general, I believe this one matters most. At the end of the day, it's just easier to be yourself. You'll have:

  • One face. No need to be all things to all people. Rest in, trust, that those compatible with you will stay. It invites everyone else to freely find their best fit, as well.

  • One 'pitch'. A core message that is truly yours comes naturally. It reaches your ideal client and those with similar needs, goals and mindsets; not everyone and no one.

  • Peace of mind, time and energy. Now, you can allocate those to clients who value, invest in and appreciate you. They can get your best work because you're not spread too thin.

  • Clarity, focus and health. Decisions will be easier because there'll simply be less noise 'up there'. You'll, therefore, relax more, reducing stress and many chronic illnesses.

I have in no way, shape or form exhausted the reasons it's just easier to be you. I cannot stress this enough! I'd like to invite you to take the time to figure out exactly who you're happiest being. The 'version of you' that is easiest to be and that you (not everyone else) likes. Literally.

If you didn't have to care what anyone else thought, if there were no consequences (real or imagined), who are you, really? ("In Honour of Your Freedom" may help.)

Your Clients, Champions & Collaborators

When you're the real you, as scary as that may seem at first, you'll lose some folks, but when you exhale the fear and inhale self-love, you'll:

  • See what you really have to offer.

  • See how what you offer really helps others.

  • Exude your offering, attracting those who need it - your clients, champions, collaborators. They're looking.

I'd like to introduce you to two of them who can help you find and present the real you. True serendipity at work, in how I met these ladies!

  • Katherine Hodgson, Founder, 9to5 Narrative: Kate is just amazing. We all have such rich stories, but most of us have no idea what the highlights are. Kate really raised my hairs.

  • Christine McGlade, Senior Partner, Analytical Engine: Christine, too, has a unique gift in translating Kate's story into sheer magic across your digital media. She really listens.

In light of your 80/20 investment above, the services these professionals help feed the "E" in your E.A.S.Y. social media strategy - they help make you more Effective. You are powerful, even unstoppable, when you discover the real you. On social media community, that is gold.

Tell Me How It Goes

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[This blog post was adapted and published on LinkedIn Pulse.]