What is Social Media for Business?

What is Social Media?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines social media as media, channels or platforms, "forms of electronic communication (as websites for social networking and micro-blogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)". It is plural, but is often used as a singular noun.

In the past, social media largely comprised forums and discussion boards, at the office, before they went online. By the 1980’s, forums had gone online, and was used by sports clubs, movie fans, car-lovers and businesses, and they were only used for those specific discussions.

Primary Purpose of Social Media

Today, social media are used primarily by people seeking social, personal, connections for a broad range of interactions. On Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram:

  • People who are seeking fun, inspiration and advice
  • People who are sharing opinions, recommendations and ideas

Note: They are not seeking our ads and promotions. “They” are the people we want to reach.

What are the Benefits of a Social Media for Business?

Source:  http://www.successiory.ca/blog/2014-8-14-what-is-social-media-for-business

Source: http://www.successiory.ca/blog/2014-8-14-what-is-social-media-for-business

If people are all about social, personal, connections, how do social media work for business?

Good question! It’s important to ask this question, more importantly, to ask “how do social media work for my business?”

In general, social media are valuable to business because they connect businesses to the people that are interested in buying, promoting or using your products and services. Your customers, members, clients or users are the people you’re trying to help, serve, encourage, through your business.

You add value to their lives with what you do. Social media help you tell them that.

Social media also help with multiple business goals, in various aspects of business, including:

Public Relations, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Research.

How do Businesses Connect with People on Social Media?

As a business, you connect best by doing the basics:

  • Connect: tell clients and partners to find you online to learn more and get quick information. The best way to get connected online is to leverage existing offline relationships. Start there.
  • Add Value: remembering the primary purpose of social media, share “quick information”. If your industry allows you to add fun or motivational bits, include this 10-20% of the time.
  • Share: when clients and partners share ‘relevant’ information, share it on your social media. When you share their content, they’re inspired to share yours. They will really appreciate it.
  • Promote: you only do this 15-20% of the time, but use that time wisely! In the short time that you’re promoting, be clear about your services, products, campaigns!

Social Media & You

As with all areas of business, social media success requires relevance, clarity and commitment.

Answering some of these basics questions with yourself, honestly, establishes your readiness.

  1. What are my business goals?
  2. Given what I now know about social media, can social media help me add value? How?
  3. What are my social media strategy – my goals, audience, interactions?
  4. How do I measure success?
  5. How much of this do I have the time, budget, resources, to do effectively?

If you’re already active on social media, but you didn’t have a clear strategy:

  1. Where am I truly active on social media – Facebook, Website?
  2. How active am I on social media – post daily, weekly, monthly, inconsistently?
  3. Given what I now know about social media, have I been adding value? How?
  4. Have my interactions have been successful to-date? How do I measure success?
  5. Have I been using my time, budget, resources, effectively? If no, what needs to change?

If you answer these honestly, and believe that social media can truly add value to your business, and to your clients, Successiory can start with a simple audit. [QUICK SURVEY]

For more on social media and how social media can work specifically for you and your organization, contact Successiory or Book a Discovery Call. I'd love to hear what you need!

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