How to on Facebook - Successiory Workshop Summary

If you're in business, and you're on Facebook, you should be there to build relevant community, of course, but in business, the goal is to achieve your 80/20 rewards - 20% of the work yielding 80% of the reward. You're on Facebook to maximize visibility and optimize your time.

In March 2014, Successiory launched the online "How to... on Social Media" workshop focused on strategy and tactics (they're not the same thing) for maximizing visibility and optimizing your time, but not before taking a step back to look at how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can really help. Let's take a look at Facebook.

Facebook - It's Primary Function

How to on Facebook - Successiory Workshop Summary

The only reason Facebook is valuable to business is because there are people there. The reason they are there, is because they want to be. Facebook is an outlet, a resource, designed to connect people so they can:

Have Fun • Network Socially • Brainstorm Ideas • Find Information

Share Opinions • Find Inspiration • Be Encouraged

Note - among primary functions, you don't see: Buy Products • Contract Services

The value to you, therefore, is to ensure that they continue to want to be there - that they keep getting what they want from it. My challenge to you:

Which of the above seven (7) social Facebook functions can you invest 80-90% of your time in?

Even in the midst of this, remember to remain relevant. Inspire and entertain around your offering.

Maximizing Your Visibility on Facebook

  1. Complete Your Profile: Banner, Profile picture, Website and 2-sentence blurb. Just Do It!
  2. Post Genuine Content: Facebook – People over Professionals. Be Human, but Stay Relevant.
  3. Connect where Relevant: with Partners, Prospects, Advocates and Share their Successes.

Sound simple, but you don't do these, and you're 'spinning your wheels in mud', so to speak.

Optimize Your Time on Facebook

  1. Strategy (Social Media & Content): Plan. Know who, what, where, how. That way, there’s far less indecision on Facebook. You go on, have fun – catch up, then onto other business tasks. Invest the time upfront to save it later.
  2. Annual Calendar: Editorial Calendar, campaign calendar – many names. The point: hit your optimal sales seasons on Facebook. Don’t miss opportunities to connect your products/services with their fun because you “didn’t remember when that holiday was”. 
  3. Stay Focused: Strategy, yes, but you need little tricks to stay on track. Don’t advertise the sale on your spouse’s car on your “candy retail” Facebook page. Tempting – Not Relevant.

Bonus "How To" on Facebook Advice

If you already have an online store, or use selz or shopify, and your products/services are aligned with the above (7) seven social Facebook functions, the new Shopify Facebook Store may be invaluable to you. From the horse's mouth:

Empowering You on Social Media

Want this workshop? Want to go deeper? Successiory has this online series for LinkedIn and Twitter, as well. These, however, don't build your overarching social media strategy. The Signature Series is where true strategy development happens. Learn more here.

Successiory hosts online workshops, but designs customized workshops and hosts onsite workshops for clients as needed.

Share your comments! What social media workshop topics are you or your team looking for?

Crystal-Marie S

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