Social Media Habits. A Practical Guide.

As we wind down a bit for the end of the 2014 calendar year, it's a good time to reflect on our approach to social media. For those of us who became active on social media, what worked? What didn't work? For those of us who're still not touching it, why not? Should you?

Tactics in Practice throughout 2014

  1. Follow those who follow you
  2. Offer freebies to attract followers
  3. Get as many followers as possible
  4. Post more cutesy videos and images
  5. Post even if you don't have good content

I will say that for broader industries, perhaps even some retailers, these tactics are sustainable. For most experts, however, once the novelty wears off, these tactics leave you with a trail of disengaged followers. That is if they're still followers at all, given that Facebook now allows users to Like pages without Following them. No one wants to see 500 followers, or 5,000, when only 11 of those actually care.

Recommended Tactics for 2015

  1. Follow those who share good content
  2. Offer freebies strategically, and only if necessary
  3. Focus on the few followers who value and invest in You
  4. Post content to inspire your ideal client while staying relevant to your offering
  5. Create a content framework OR skip posting on days when you lack good content

These are just a few aspects of a solid social media strategy, but I'm sure you can see where this is going. The point is, the same principles you apply to who you invest your time in and want to connect with, offline, are those that apply online. Offline: 

  • A percentage of people at that networking event are interested in what you're offering (products or services).
  • A smaller percentage understand that they need what you're offering.
  • An even small percentage are able to invest in you right now and are people you'll enjoy working with or share your values. 
  • Even among those who are not interested in your offering, can connect you with other ideal clients.

The reason you're active on social media is because it can exponentially increases those numbers, but it still works the same way: when you're speaking to everyone, it reaches no one.

Getting Organized on Social Media for 2015

Most of us get a headache with social media because we follow the hype without connecting the dots. Here are a few options for helping you get it together for 2015:

If you're serious about making social media work for you, it's time to take action. Save time, get focused and earn far more in less time.

Social media community is just that - community. At first it seems exciting when you see the numbers increase, but if the numbers aren't relevant, then you're pouring time, energy and brain space down the drain. If you're new to all of this, do it right from the beginning.

Entrepreneur, corporate professional or non-profit, you don't really have that luxury, do you?