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What would you do with more time, more brain space, to invest in your business?

How has social media been working for you, lately? You have been putting in a lot of time, but have you been getting the return you'd like? It is widely accepted that your social media engagement rate will stay between 0.01-0.5%. In fact, some say that 0.5% is amazing. Do you accept that? Why?

It requires some upfront planning, but getting clear on your strategy, from your specific goals to audience and tactics, gets you miles ahead in terms of engagement. Building in a content strategy, which includes at least core message, editorial (or content) calendar and sources, saves you even more time. Apart from the obvious time savings, you're less overwhelmed because you can ignore the hype and the noise. You'll also have a lot more 'brain space' to invest in your business when you're no longer wondering which of the conflicting public opinions is right. To busy business owners, one less thing to worry about? Priceless.

What's in a Content or Editorial Calendar

A content or editorial calendar will be your right hand, once you have your social media strategy in place. It is what will bring you back to your focal point - the needs of your clients, your core business goals, how they come together. This works for all of your community engagement, from social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to e-mail communications, blogs and more. If you already have one for your other communications, tailor it for the condensed and more frequent social media engagement, et voilà.

At Successiory, I'm all about time savings. A huge part of that is simplicity. Here's how I've made it simple for you. Three features to take into consideration:

  • Calendar division: I recommend the 12-month Calendar, perhaps with marked Seasons.
  • Themes by divisions: 3-4 themes most relevant to you, your business and your clients. E.g. my top 3 are Social Media Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Self-Motivation
  • Topics: spread of information, promotion and inspiration across your selected themes.

Here's a sample calendar that was developed by Season, for a Nutrition Specialist.

Your Content Calendar (Successiory)

It is important to focus only on your calendar while creating it. It's the only way to get out of your head long enough to truly think about your content from your clients' perspective. There's a lot to think about, but once you've completed it, it's a 1-2 page document that covers you for a year. Much of it can be re-framed and used each year, unless your business changes.

Take Action. Create Your Content Calendar.

If you can't quite find the time, or can't stay focused, I'd like to help you take action. As a part of Successiory's DIY offering, I host four (4) signature Networking Workshops each year. The workshop offered in January is Create Your Content Calendar. The 30-minute networking at the beginning helps the professional entrepreneurs in the room connect with potential clients or partners, there, but it also gets attendees familiar with each others' businesses so you'll all benefit from each others' insights. "The group is greater than the sum of our individual parts."

Create Your Content Calendar (Toronto), the first in the Successiory 3-part Strategy Series is held on the third Friday in January. It's an intimate workshop of 10-12, and it focuses on everything we've discussed above and more. You also get the added bonus of escaping all your other obligations to do this properly, so you can spend less time on it in the future. Come prepared to focus on the bigger picture - your conversation with clients (& prospects) throughout the year. As you do so, visualize your audience - the actual persona. (Hint: It's usually not "everyone".) How will they respond?

Share Your Thoughts

Have you taken action? Contact me to let me know how it goes! Do you breathe easy when you sit at your scheduled time to manage your online community?

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Crystal-Marie S

(2016-Aug-18) On paper, my career began in 2001, spans Successiory (2009), my MBA from the Schulich School of Business (2010), two countries and several industries, including business strategy, social media consulting, environmental and engineering consulting, higher education and more (see LinkedIn). 

In 2015, I was nominated for Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) Awards,Entrepreneur of the Year and became an bestseller on August 9th 2015. I spoke at 12 events in 2015 alone, including several GroYourBiz Advisory Boards, Bank of Montreal (paid), Iler Campbell’s Tools Conference and Toronto Public Libraries’ Small Business (sometimes paid) series. I think I love speaking!

On a personal note, I'm an MBA, entrepreneur, millennial, dancer, author and so much more yet, like you, I don't fit the stereotypes. After years of workaholism and the health and relationship losses that go with that lifestyle, I've stopped 'paying lip service' to terms like authenticity, self care and sustainability. My health scare pushed me into living them. Here's hoping I can inspire you to live and work better without learning the hard way. Welcome. Still curious? More here...

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