Social Strategy - Quick Tips from Successiory

Stay on-strategy while optimizing your growth and revenue

If you follow Successiory's blog, some if this is not new to you, but it's been a while since I've re-iterated these points and I've seen many who can still benefit from them.  

Monetizing is based on a new and credible list I came across recently, but the others are premises I stand on firmly.

Effective execution of a great social media strategy is affected by actions we sometimes overlook.  Before crossing the street, we sometimes forget to look left and right.  Always consider what your end goal is before using new tactics.  These are some tips on things you can control online:

Success of a great social media strategy is also, however, affected by factors that you do not control.  You can monetize your blog and follow or attract followers wisely, but listening to what's on the web about you should also feed strategy implementation.  From managing public company information to managing growth based on internal and external goals and realities, these may help:

  • Do a name search often: claim or deactivate account you didn’t create, or that have wrong (or too much) information about you.  Here’s why: Social Media, a Word to the Wise.
  • Grow at your own pace: this is your brand, your dream and, often, your livelihood.  Don’t lose it keeping up with the Jones’.  InGoodCompany has a great book on this.  More from Successiory.

Regardless of what shiny new items we pick up along the way, staying true to your goals and the strategy behind those goals is key to maintaining success.

Go for gold but stay focused.

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