A warm welcome from Successiory

It's my hope to inspire and inform you as Successiory grows.  This first blog introduces you to information that you may find on my website, as well as information you'll get here exclusively - why Successiory was started and where it's going.

About Successiory

Successiory was founded on the principle that the sky is the limit, in terms of the legacy you leave on the world.  In business, I hope to help you establish your vision - a business that takes care of you and your clients.  Pricing, client process and a schedule that truly works for you, so that you are at your best when serving clients. On Social Media, communication has a vast and more permanent reach.  It’s less about what you say, and more about how it is perceived.  I hope to help you, individual or business, to define yourself clearly and consistently.

The name. Why Successiory

Focused on helping you to refine your business for sustainability and, if desired, succession planning, I wanted a name that reflected this - "Succession" was clearly taken. 

As a 'non-dictionary' word is apparently best for avoiding trademark liabilities and costs, Successiory, derived from the Latin root "successio", was born.  For clients who truly want to make a difference that goes well beyond their own lives, I hope this name and its root keep you inspired and focused on your end goal.

As you'll read on my website, Successiory develops and executes business and social media strategies that drive real results.  I, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, empower ethical businesses to streamline around Pareto's 80/20 rule, and thrive.  Through strategy consulting, social media packages and speaking and training in these areas, Successiory takes care of you, so you can live your dream and leave your legacy.

Why the Successiory blog?

From established entrepreneurs to new professionals, I hope this becomes a virtual place where you can let your hair down and simply be.  Initially focused on social media, today the Successiory blog has expanded to focus on all of my core services and passions.  You will find insights, sure, but inspiration too, into how the right pricing, client process, feasible schedule and social media community can work for you, based on your unique business, energy and rhythms.  You will also find a lot of inspiration supporting you in being true to, and trusting, yourself, regardless of the mainstream ideas at the time.  You may also subscribe to get tips here [SUBSCRIBE].

While the focus is primarily on you or your business, I find a little inspiration goes a long way in helping you stay focused on why you're doing what you're doing.  Some days are more difficult than others, and I'd like to be here with some words of encouragement and empowerment to keep you going on those days.  I also inspire you at protectyourdreams.blogspot.ca

When I can, I will also direct you to great finds - blogs, tweets, articles, success stories - that do the same.

Successiory Online

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All the best!

Here's to you and all you will do in life. Cheers!